We believe that increased transparency is key to a more sustainable future. As part of this long-term commitment, we always want to tell you how and where our products are made.

All our products are produced by different suppliers, often in developing countries (Indonesia) where our presence can make a big difference. Our activities contribute to the creation of jobs and opportunities for the local population, men and women - lifting people out of poverty and contributing to economic growth. We only work with companies that share a respect for people, animals and the environment and are willing to work with us to improve their business.

All our suppliers and factories must subscribe to our sustainability policy, which demands fair wages and good working conditions for everyone. The wood we use is also recycled or our suppliers use wood that comes from the plantations that are managed by the government. Because we have employees in various locations around the world, we can ensure that our policy is complied with.

Did you know that you can contribute to the environment and make wood more sustainable? Bring your old table to our store and we will make sure it is reused or recycled.