Hoe goed is eikenhout voor meubels
Oak wood is a good hardwood for furniture. Oak wood is naturally a material that lasts longer for furniture. Oak has been used for furniture making for thousands of years, particularly in the UK, and is gaining popularity all over the world.

Oak wood has always been a popular choice, mainly because it is available as a native wood. However, its use has increased year after year since the turn of the century, including in the Far East. Traditionally, soft woods such as pine have been used in those places because they are more readily available, but oak is fast becoming a competitor.

Advantages of using oak wood in furniture making

1. Availability . Oak trees can grow up to 1.5 meters high, which means that the wood yield per tree is very high compared to other species. In addition, oak cultivation is closely monitored by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Program for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification (PEFC).

These ensure that logging is managed responsibly and that post-harvest oak replanting is maintained. As a result, there is never a shortage of oak wood and it is available in large quantities and in different lengths.

Large oak planks for furniture making are easy to obtain. This facilitates construction and guarantees long, uninterrupted lines to the finished product. Consequently, oak is the best wood for oak dining tables , kitchen countertops, and similar large pieces.

It is always worth checking that the hardwood merchants you use are FSC and PEFC certified. This is not only the sign of a reputable trader, but also guarantees a higher quality product.


2. Appearance . One of the main features that attract consumers to oak wood is its distinctive golden color. Because oak wood has been used in traditional joinery for so long, it has a reassuring familiarity to many. However, with its clean edges and subtle grain, it also suits more modern designs. In older buildings, the look of oak furniture complements the older decor, giving a sense of continuity to the environment.

Waney edged oak, with its attached bark and variations in color can result in some really unusual oak furniture and is sure to create a talking point. A coffee table with fan-shaped edges can be a focal point in a living space and break up the clean, straight edges. Pippy oak also has a different appearance than all other types of wood and can turn an otherwise simple, functional object into an attractive showpiece.

Green oak and kiln-dried oak are both suitable for indoor furniture and have their own distinct look. This can be further enhanced by staining or treating the wood with oil, so that the grain of the wood comes out better. Furniture that gets a lot of use will need to be reapplied regularly, but this is a simple and easy process.

3. Sustainability . As a hardwood, oak has natural strength and longevity and can withstand a lot of abuse compared to other woods. Even compared to other hardwoods, such as mahogany, it is exceptionally strong and wear-resistant. Pressing your fingernail on a piece of pine furniture leaves an indelible dent that mars its appearance. Oak wood, on the other hand, can withstand most impacts and prolonged wear and tear without changing its appearance. Therefore, oak is the best wood for furniture in heavily used family rooms or public dining rooms, where it will be used extensively.

Air-dried oak is perfect for outdoor furniture, such as dining furniture at a barbecue or garden benches. The drying process makes it impervious to most outdoor environmental factors and will not change its appearance over time. It does not absorb moisture or warp, and is resistant, if not actively poisonous, to insects and mold. This also reduces the need for handling or maintenance on the part of the owner. For indoor furniture, green oak or kiln-dried oak is more suitable.


4. Longevity . Due to its durability, oak furniture rarely needs to be replaced. This is one of the reasons why oak wood has become so popular over the centuries. In traditional oak carpentry, longevity was one of the main factors for its widespread use.

The money invested in using oak wood for furniture is paid back by the longevity of the end product. A well-made piece of oak furniture can last for centuries and many examples from hundreds of years ago are still in use today. This also makes oak an environmentally friendly choice as it reduces waste and conserves resources.

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