1) We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship. Hand finished in the Netherlands.

Chef Furniture opened its doors to customers in 2017. Since then, we have been the proud seller of some of the most exquisite solid wood dining tables in the Netherlands . Our furniture is carefully finished on site by the skilled hands of our master carpenters to ensure top quality in every inch of our product.

2) Customization. We want you to be in control of how your furniture looks.

Adding to the uniqueness of your dining table, we also offer you the most unique combination you've always wanted - A celebration of wooden table top with custom metal legs. In addition, you can also adjust the length and height of your table as you wish.

3) Unparalleled warranty period and after sales support.

We offer a one-time repair of any cracks that may occur within half a year from the date of purchase. If your table shows no signs of cracking within the year, it will not crack during its lifetime because it has been properly dried! Since your wooden slab table is a living object, it tends to "move" according to the conditions of its environment. This movement will be a continuous process until the table has fully adapted to the environment, which stops the movement.

4) Highest quality at the most competitive prices. No fancy showroom, retailers or intermediaries.

We control every aspect of the production of our furniture, so that the price is kept to a minimum and the quality remains optimal. From the moment we hand-pick every piece of furniture at the source, to painting it here in the Netherlands, to the safe delivery of your piece of furniture to your home. That's how we can maintain our low prices, by cutting out the middlemen.

5) Beauty is not left to chance. Choose your favorite piece in our showroom. Each piece of our wooden plates is selected by hand. Our warehouse is always well stocked with many suar sheets in different sizes.