Chef Furniture is the most complete and affordable supplier of Suar table tops in the Netherlands . With our own factory there is no intervening supplier and we can supply any size, type and thickness. You can put together the dining table yourself and choose your own metal table legs. In addition to tables, we also offer other tree trunk furniture collections.

The love for Suar tree trunk tables

Chef Furniture was founded in 2017 by two friends with the same ambition and dream. We want to give our creative and innovative thoughts unlimited space to offer beautiful, high-quality products on the furniture market.

Our dream came from our internship in Indonesia. In addition to the love for the country, we also spontaneously fell in love with the unique furnishings and furniture. We couldn't ignore the unique look of the Suar tree trunk tables in 1 solid piece. From that moment on, we had a strong urge to introduce the Netherlands to this traditional furniture.

Producing unique tree trunk furniture

Chef Furniture works closely with a furniture manufacturer in Indonesia, among others, which is why we have complete freedom to have our creative ideas produced. In this way, an innovative and creative twist is given to the contemporary furniture market. It's nice to have something different at home, isn't it?

Chef Furniture is an advocate of corporate social responsibility. The employees who work on the production of Chef Furniture's furniture receive more than an average income, free housing and health insurance from us. In addition, all the wood we use is FSC certified.