Different types of wood

different types of wood

Using different types of wood gives diversity in the furniture. However, we only use hardwood with a long lifespan. As a result, you will always be able to enjoy your furniture longer than furniture made of lower quality wood or furniture made of MDF. We make extensive use of Suar , Oak , Teak , Acacia and Mango.

Suar Wood
The botanical name for Suar wood is Saman Samanea and in some countries it is also called Monkey Pod or Rain Tree. Suar trees are easily recognized by their characteristic umbrella-shaped canopy. The tree usually reaches a height of 50 - 80 feet. It is a non-endangered and fast-growing tropical hardwood with a crisscross, interlocking grain, which makes it very strong. Suarwood grows in many different countries and areas such as Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico and even Hawaii. It grows naturally in almost every area where it has been introduced. Suar wood is mostly used in large slabs for suar table tops . Since the diameter can be up to 2 meters, one solid piece of wood can make a very solid looking dining table.

Teakwood is a tropical hardwood belonging to the Tectona Grandis species. Teakwood comes from a large tree that is dominant in mixed deciduous forests. It has small fragrant white flowers. Teak wood has a leathery smell when freshly milled. Teak wood is especially valued for its durability and water resistance and is therefore used for boat building, exterior construction, wood carving and furniture. Teak is native to South and Southeast Asia, especially Burma, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, but has been naturalized and cultivated in many other countries in Africa and the Caribbean.

Oak is wood cut from oak trees and known for its robust strength, uniform textures and beautiful grain in the bark. Oak wood is classified as a hardwood with over 600 species available in nature. Red oak and white oak are the most preferred for most woodworking projects. Oak's strength and fine grain make it popular enough for making cabinets and other parts of furniture, and in many cases even hardwood floors. The color of oak depends on the tree it was cut from. The color of white oak includes shades from gray to brown, while red oak has most of the wood colored in dark pink to brown. The unique color variations within a single piece of wood is useful because it can be used as a veneer leading to affordable furniture with the beauty of oak. Oak wood has a striking grain and is resistant to all kinds of fungal attacks due to its density and durability. Its durability has increased its applications in varied kitchen accessories and cutting boards while also making use of its natural attributes.

Acacia Wood
Acacia wood is a heavy and hard type of wood that is resistant to climate fluctuations. Its strong resistance and its natural durability make it an ideal wood for all outdoor works and is a perfect alternative to exotic woods. Acacia is the hardest of all hardwoods and is characterized by high density and resilience. The wood has a multi-directional structure (the fibers lie towards each other) and an increased resistance to friction, which makes it difficult to work when dry. The core of the trunk has a noble red-brown color with dark veins, the sapwood is yellowish or light brown. Acacia wood requires a special, gentle drying method, as it is very prone to cracking.

Epoxy Resin Wood
Resin wood is a combination of two types of wood and resin. In recent years, Resin wood has been increasingly used in furniture and jewelry because it is so beautiful, durable and extremely valuable. So what is Wood Resin? It is a combination of Wood and Resin. Wood is wood then everyone knows so what is Resin? Resin is the general name for artificial synthetic resins. There are many different types of resin, but the resin mentioned here is epoxy resin, a type of liquid resin that is widely used for decoration. Epoxy resin has a very high transparency, so when it hardens it looks like glass, revealing the beautiful wood inside. Moreover, with epoxy it is possible to mix different colors, so that it resembles colorful sparkling crystal blocks.

Mahogany wood is one of the most beautiful materials for the manufacture of fine furniture . It is highly valued for its durability and ability to carve intricate details from it. It has a deep, rich color, an attractive grain, stains beautifully and adheres securely to manufactured products. The most valuable raw material made from mahogany is solid lumber, which can then be processed into expensive furniture and cabinetry. The mahogany tree grows in many places in the world, one of which is Indonesia. It can grow up to 50 meters high. Its leaves are pinnate with a length of 40 cm. Mahogany trees have small fruits that are inedible and contain seeds. The mahogany wood has a red-brown color. However, this color is usually not desired, which is why the wood is usually finished in a darker color. The key to mahogany being such a valuable material is its natural durability. This wood is less sensitive to warping, shrinking, swelling and twisting than other types of wood.