Round dining table: More atmospheric table conversations

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Exclusieve Suar boomstamtafel met Epoxy
Exclusieve Suar boomstamtafel met Epoxy
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Round tree trunk table Sumatra
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Round Dining Table Style & Size

Round dining tables are less common than rectangular tables, but come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors and styles. That means no matter how much space you have, how formal or casual you want your dining set to be, or how many people you want to seat, you can probably find a table that fits your needs. Keep in mind that the final look of your space has less to do with the look of the table itself. As a rule of thumb, light colors and natural materials feel more casual, while bright, dark colors, rich fabrics, and metallic finishes feel more formal. Round dining tables are space efficient tables designed with a variety of common diameters for specific seating arrangements from small two person tables to larger twelve person designs. Due to the removal of corners, round tables have a smaller footprint than square or rectangular tables , but are ultimately less flexible because round tables cannot easily be joined to other tables. Small round tables for two start at a diameter of 76 cm and grow to sizes for four to six people from 91-137 cm. Large round tables for groups of 10-12 people have diameters between 213-244 cm.

Choosing a round wooden dining table that suits you

The square table is not the only solution for a smaller or square shaped room. A round wooden dining table is another option, and it's one of the best shapes for small gatherings because everyone can see each other, conversations are easier to have, and the setting feels cozier and more intimate. Round dining tables come in many different sizes, shapes, colors and styles, which means that you can freely decide what kind of tables you want in your kitchen or dining room, based on the space you have or the people who are with you all the time. you will come. Keep in mind that a round table is not ideal for larger gatherings. A large round table means that although you can still see others, they seem far away, and you may have to shout across the table to be heard. If you still prefer a round table to a rectangular one and you think you will have to accommodate a larger number of people from time to time, you should consider purchasing a round table with a pull-out leaf. That way you can use your round table most of the time and extend it when family comes to visit.

Round wooden dining table from Chef Furniture

Wooden furniture is suitable for creating a sense of the natural world indoors. If you live in a high-density apartment building in a city or own a modern style home, you may want to promote a sense of nature in your living space. Wood is the perfect way to achieve this. Our round wooden dining tables are made from sustainable materials such as oak , suar , acacia and teak , and vary in style from modern to rustic. In combination with a selection of our wooden dining room chairs, you can put together your perfect dining room set. Whatever size round dining table you need, you will find it at Chef Furniture for an affordable price. Plus, we make it easy for you to find what you're looking for online, so you can shop by table shape, size, style, material and price.

Personal advice about the perfect round dining table

Do you have any questions about oval dining tables made of wood, or do you need some advice ? Visit our showroom and make an appointment or call 0522-700209 directly and let us advise you.

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