Our Suar wooden tables are equipped with a metal threaded end at both ends, are delivered completely finely sanded and treated, so that you can immediately use your tree trunk table or another piece of furniture. We offer different treatments and colors. Each treatment is based on a special oil or lacquer for furniture that is used intensively. There will be no circles and stains. However, we do recommend cleaning up spilled liquids as soon as possible.

By applying the lacquer with a 3-layer treatment, it ensures that your table is well protected. It is not possible to maintain the 100% natural color by applying the varnish and oil. Due to our different types of finish, you can choose a natural, slightly dark or a dark treatment. If you want to give your tree trunk table or another piece of furniture a different treatment, that is also possible!

If circles do appear on your suar tree trunk table or if the varnish fades after a long time, it is possible to sand it lightly with sandpaper number 240 and treat the table again with the supplied jar that you can use for these situations.

Both the oil and lacquer treatment are also maintenance-friendly and can be ordered from us! We know you will love your new purchase and want to take good care of it. So do you have any more questions? Send us a message via the contact form.