FSC Label for Wood

Sustainability is very important to us, corporate social responsibility is of paramount importance to us! Chef Furniture has a major influence on the production process. Our furniture consists only of wood with an FSC label. FSC is the first international quality mark with strict requirements for sustainable and social forest management, which is supported by governments, companies and environmental organizations. FSC guarantees that the wood comes entirely from responsibly managed forests.

The strict requirements for forest management

Vulnerable forest areas and forests with a high natural value may not be used. In addition, no wood may be cut along watercourses and steep slopes because of the risk of erosion. There is a clear rule: after the trees have been felled, the forest must be given a chance to recover. This means that no more wood may be cut than can grow again.


FSC label for social requirements

In addition to requirements for forest management, FSC also applies social requirements. FSC ensures adequate wages and responsible working conditions for the forest workers. In addition to the fact that this combats poverty, it also tries to prevent illegal wood and the burning of forests for agricultural land.

More information about the FSC Label can be found at: https://keurmerken.milieucentraal.nl/keurmerk/fsc-100-hout/