Dingen Die u Moet Weten Over Teak Meubels
Teak wood is a popular wood with furniture makers and buyers around the world. Teakwood was once heavily used, but now its deforestation is strictly controlled to ensure a continuous and rejuvenated supply of wood. What makes teak so popular?

1. Good luck
Teak wood is a hard wood. It is strong and durable and can withstand extreme heat and cold. This makes it an excellent wood for outdoor furniture, but it also means it can be used for a lifetime and more indoors. Due to its durability, it is unlikely to rot or show other problems that other woods can get. If you use the right kind of teak - good quality wood with high amounts of oil and rubber - you can create beautiful teak furniture that can handle whatever you have in your home.

2. Beauty
Teak's color and grain make it one of the most attractive woods for furniture makers and homeowners. While outdoor teak furniture can be left to the elements and take on an elegant silver-grey color, indoor teak is often oiled to maintain its warm golden color. Its strength is a real plus for furniture designers, who can create a range of pieces that may not be possible with other softer woods, which often means you have a wider choice of teak furniture than many other woods.

3. Adaptability
The natural advantages of teak: strength, durability, warm color, resistance to termites and other harmful elements, make it an extremely adaptable wood. Its water-resistant properties and tendency not to splinter easily made it a favorite of shipbuilders for hundreds of years, and it has been used for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor furniture ever since. From dining tables to elegantcabinets and patio furniture, teak wood has the flexibility that many furniture makers are looking for today.