Facts About Suar Wood . Suar wood is the wood of the Albizia Saman tree, also called the Rain Tree, a tree that originally comes from South America and was planted in Indonesia as a plantation tree. The wood is known by a number of different names, including Monkeypod, Samenes Saman, Parota, South American Walnut, and Acadia, as well as Suar wood.

Called Trembesi or Suar in Indonesia, suar wood has an attractive grain suitable for fine furniture. It is a beautifully well-formed wood, with abundant cross-grain. Suar trees are easily recognized by their characteristic umbrella-shaped canopy. Suar wood is one of the most commonly used woods for the construction of furniture such as tree trunk tables , console tables, stands, mirror frames, benches and chests.

The Characteristic Of Suarhout

The tree usually reaches a height of 50 - 80 feet. It is not endangered and fast growing tropical hardwood. Suarwood grows in many different countries and areas such as Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico and even Hawaii. It grows naturally in almost every area where it has been introduced.

suar wood tree trunk table

Suar wood has been used for furniture by Southeast Asian countries for decades. Suar wood is widely known as one of the most durable and affordable woods. That is why many manufacturers produce both budget furniture and high-end furniture with this wood.

The Suar wood is known for its large tree with a massive symmetrical crown. Its height can reach 25 m and its diameter can reach 40 cm. Its habitat is in fields and forests and some even grow along the highway. Since the cultivation of this wood is very easy and can be found almost everywhere, suar wood furniture is in high demand both locally and internationally.

Suarhout is popular with furniture makers


Many furniture manufacturers use suar wood in the carving, sculpting and structuring of the furniture. It is categorized as hardwood, which is why it is chosen by many people. It offers strength and durability. Suarhout is easy to grow in new environments. In fact, it grows faster than any other hardwood.

Before it becomes furniture, suar must be dried in an oven. Suar's dried hardwood is sturdy, durable and resistant to rotting. It is often compared to black walnut wood in terms of quality. But of course suar costs less than that. Suar wood is also often used as a Mahogany replacement due to its competitive price in the market.

Suarhout is sustainable


With this sustainable wood, the furniture can be used for a long time. It is also very easy to maintain with a mild wood oil and soft cloths; it looks like a new piece.