Tips for choosing a coffee table? Find the answer here

The coffee table is often the heart and center of the living room. Its name suggests a humble role, but the coffee table has many more functions than just storing drinks. Here we tell you how to find out which coffee table fits your sofa.

The right size: Big or small?


The right size for the coffee table always depends on the available space and the desired storage space. If you have a large living room, you are a little more free in choosing the table. It should not be too small, otherwise it will drown in the room. However, if space in your living room is limited, a smaller model is recommended. Too large models would visually reduce the space unnecessarily and restrict freedom of movement.

In addition, the size of the coffee table should always be based on the sofa itself. If you have a large living space, it can safely be a slightly larger model. With a two-seater sofa, on the other hand, you prefer to use a small table. The ideal table is about one-third to one-half the total length of the sofa. This makes it easily accessible everywhere.

Also pay attention to the distance between sofa and coffee table. You should be able to reach the table comfortably from the couch, but there should always be enough space to walk around the table. In order to still be able to move easily, a distance of about 45 cm is recommended when choosing the right coffee table.

The right height: is the coffee table higher or lower than the sofa?

When it comes to the height of your coffee table, it is best to take your other seating furniture as a guideline. In principle, the ideal coffee table is about the same height as the sofa itself. Which coffee table goes with which sofa also depends on what you want to do with the table. If it is only intended as extra storage space, a lower model is sufficient. However, if you want to work or eat on it, it can be a bit higher. Do you want to use the coffee table for different purposes? Then a height-adjustable model is worthwhile.

The right shape: round or square coffee table?

Choosing a coffee table can be confusing for some people. It is best to orientate yourself on the surrounding seating furniture. Basically you have the choice between rectangular, square, triangular, round or oval coffee tables . Depending on the size and shape of the existing living space and individual needs, certain variants are more suitable:
  • Rectangular coffee tables go well with large L-shaped or elongated sofas.
  • If the sofa is very long, but you do not want a square table, oval models are a good choice.
  • We recommend a round coffee table for U-shaped residential landscapes.
  • Round or triangular coffee tables are ideal for smaller sofas.
  • With two adjoining sofas, a small triangular table in the corner is perfect.
  • Round and oval designs are ideal for families with smaller children. Because here the risk of injury is much smaller than with a square table.

The right material: rustic or elegant?

rustic coffee table

Coffee tables are available in a wide variety of materials. Whether wood, metal, high-gloss, stone or glass - there is something for every taste. It's not so much about which coffee table goes with which sofa. Rather, the properties of the various materials play an important role. Undoubtedly the most popular are coffee tables made of wood, glass and metal.
  • Glass coffee tables look light and elegant and loosen up the room. In addition, colored carpets come into their own with transparent glass.
  • Coffee tables made of wood, on the other hand, are particularly robust and easy to clean. They look natural and, depending on the color and finish, set a rustic accent in the living area.
  • Metal coffee tables are also very stable and easy to maintain. They also bring an industrial flair to modern living rooms.

The right color: eye-catching or simple coffee table?

The color of the coffee table is an absolute matter of taste and ultimately depends on the style of your living room. Do you have a Scandinavian style living room? Then tables in lighter colors are ideal. Dark wood tables are perfect for country style living rooms. Or do you want to consciously create a new style? Because the coffee table with its many different colors and shapes is also very suitable for this. Of course, you are limited to some extent by the material in terms of color. However, there is now a wide variety of models on the market.

The right coffee table for small rooms: What to do if there is not enough space?

Small living rooms usually make furnishing very difficult. It is important to think carefully about what should really be in the room and what you can do without. Many choose not to buy a coffee table to save precious space, but it's not absolutely necessary. With a few tricks, a coffee table can fit well even in a small living room.

Enlarge the living room optically
In any case, avoid large coffee tables. They would take away too much space and therefore the necessary freedom of movement. In addition, they would visually narrow the space - exactly what you do not want in a small living room. Instead, round or oval coffee tables are suitable. From a purely optical point of view, these are often perceived as lighter and more relaxed. Glass tables have a similar effect. Due to their transparent surface, they loosen up the space and are less noticeable. In addition, they provide more brightness in the room, making it appear larger.

Create extra storage space
For example, coffee tables with extra storage space are highly recommended, such as drawers. In this way you can also use the space in front of the table for storage purposes and you have even gained space in the end. Just as interesting are the stackable tables and the revolving coffee tables. These consist of at least two different separate tables, which can usually be pushed together. That way you gain valuable space when needed. Models with wheels are also practical. These can be moved with little effort if you have visitors and need more space elsewhere.

Conclusion: Choosing the right coffee table for your living room?


To make your search for the right coffee table easier, we have briefly summarized the most important aspects for you in a checklist.

  • Optimal height: 30-50 cm
  • Ideal distance between coffee table and sofa: 45 cm
  • Optimal size: one third or half the length of the sofa
  • Material: Glass, wood or metal
  • Color: depending on the style of the living room
  • Rectangular coffee tables: for large L-shaped or elongated living rooms
  • Square coffee tables: for U-shaped sofas
  • Triangular coffee tables: for a small sofa or for two sofas placed side by side
  • Round coffee tables: for small sofas, U-shaped living rooms or families with small children
  • Oval coffee tables: for long sofas or families with small children
  • Round side tables: with comfortable armchairs
  • If there is not enough space: smaller coffee tables with storage space