Het Drogen van Suar Hout

Suar wood is the wood of the Albizia Saman tree, a tree that originally comes from South America and was planted in Indonesia as a plantation tree. It is a beautifully well-formed wood, with an abundant cross-grain. Of course, each piece of suar wood is unique. The pattern of the grain can vary considerably, making one piece appear more attractive to a particular customer than another. Paste should be chosen individually for the project they will be used for.

Suar wood and furniture made from suar wood are mostly imported from Indonesia. It has largely replaced mahogany for furniture made in Indonesia due to the tree's rapid growth. Most of this furniture is in the form of boards with live edges, ideal for the natural beauty of this wood. Slabs can also be purchased for the woodworker to make their own suar slab furniture .


Fresh sawn suar wood contains about 70%-80% moisture. That is why it must be maximally dry for the best quality. We remove the free water by air drying to reduce humidity to 30%. When the moisture level drops to 30%, it becomes more difficult to reduce it. Therefore, in our Kiln Dry it is necessary to reduce the humidity to less than 12% for domestic use. Chef Meubels uses the Kiln Dry method with a professional machine for drying wood. This is the best way to reduce the moisture content in the wood so that the wood is completely dry.

We dry the wood for 30 days and sometimes more to obtain the dryness. We always check the moisture content in every week with moisture content test. The average moisture content from the room is 10%.

suar-wood-kiln-dry process

The advantage of dry suar wood is that it has no mold, no insects and no problems in the future. You need to be careful when choosing Suar wood furniture as not all sellers use the same method. Your piece of furniture is an investment for your dream home.

As a result of the drying of the wood, cracks are sometimes found. But these cracks are the maximum cracks of the wood. This means that it will no longer tear during extreme weather conditions or after use. So our solution for cracked wood is to patch it up. We try to keep the patch neat, colored, smooth, and as natural as possible. And it all depends on the buyer's request, whether the buyer wants it patched up or left natural.