Just like the trend of handmade wooden furniture , furniture where the natural material from which it is made is clearly visible is on the rise. Using tree trunks as pillars or discs reminds people of their connection to nature and counterbalances the volatility of synthetic materials.

Tree trunk table: Slice or Stomp?

tree trunk table tops-furniture-2021

Unlike traditional wood table tops made from planks of wood, tree trunk table tops usually feature a circular cross-section of the trunk with the bark removed, or a planed strip of the tree with a waney edge (the outer cut of a tree trunk with the bark removed). bark has been removed).

They more closely resemble the tree they come from and are often used as a coffee table rather than a dining table, as the weight of the top requires a heavy undercarriage and the total weight would make the pair difficult to lift together.

However, if you want a dining table with a tree trunk, there are various tree trunk table bases available.

tree-trunk table-in-the-office

Using a tree trunk as a table base has the added benefit of giving weighty stability to the table as a whole, but most table tops combined with these types of bases are thin (often made of metal which can be thin and strong at the same time) or the table will again be too heavy and difficult to move.

Combining a thin top with a thick base also creates a striking contrast, as does the use of thin metal legs with a thick piece of tree on top.

Tree Trunk & Resin Tabletops

beautiful resin materials tabletops

A new twist to the Chef Furniture range of log furniture is the use of resin to create beautiful mixed material tabletops. Our range consists of a tree trunk of oak and beech strips encased in a thick application of resin and larger planks with a filled resin opening and thin resin coating.

Resin tables are impressive, but also more expensive. They are therefore more suitable as an accent table or as a stand-alone table centerpiece.

The higher costs arise from the fact that making these types of sheets takes a lot of time. The resin layer takes a long time to harden and must be made in a strictly dust-free environment.