Waarom Suar Tafels Populair Worden

Suar wood - Each tree has a unique, long-lasting story.

Made from one of the most durable hardwoods in the world, the suar wood, the suar wood plates are a natural beauty with wavy patterns and striking grains.

Thanks to the huge size of the suar tree, these suar table tops can be made in a single plank up to a meter wide, preserving all the patterns and texture in their original natural state.

The Suar trees that we have purchased are not the trees that are mainly grown and harvested for furniture. They are a by-product of their first life and beyond their most productive years and would otherwise be thrown away. The trunk is left intact; this one is alive and generates baby suar over time.


All our Suar log tables are handmade and have raw edges to preserve the natural shape and beauty of the wood. Even all imperfections such as hairline cracks, knots, splits and grooves are intentionally left visible to create this rustic, distressed and distressed look.

The large Suar tables are perfect dining tables for your living room or meeting room.

The Suar tree trunk table that we carry is a piece of one solid plate, size from 180cm to 5 meters. The shapes follow the shape of the tree.

Since each tree has a unique shape, there is no identical table and each of them has its own unique natural marking. All one of a kind. They have an average thickness of 9 cm.

In Thailand Suar trees are an edible and medicinal plant. The seeds are astringent to boil drinking water, cure diarrhea and wound healing, wound infections. The fresh leaves can be dried to make tea.

In Indonesia, Suar wood is also called Trembesi wood or Meh wood, depending on the island where the tree is planted.

The Suar wood from Indonesia is perfect for use in various industries, including retail, public sector, construction, joinery and carpentry.

beautiful-indonesia-suar-trunk table

Sustainability of the Suar Table

Thanks to its interlocking, criss-cross interlocking grain, Suar wood is resistant to cracking due to wood movement and is highly sought after for its robustness.

Suar wood is medium weight but extremely strong and highly resistant to decay and termites. These properties make Suar wood very suitable for making furniture compared to other types of wood.

Care Suar Wood

Requires only basic maintenance (soap + water) to maintain its grandeur.

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As each table is unique, we recommend that you contact us for a phone call or video session and choose your Suar table with one of our design experts. This service is only available before the purchase is completed.